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    The likelihood of another antiretroviral shortage locally is very slim. Word from the National AIDS Programme Secretariat suggests that there is currently an adequate supply of drugs that will be available for the rest of the year and even into the New Year.According to a statement released by Natio

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    Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright slipped on consecutive plays in the second quarterWholesale NFL Jerseys and the Packers took advantage each time. He was covering Ty Montgomery in the flat on a pass that turned into a 24-yard gain to the Seattle 9. He

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    -Design and tender documents already submittedThe home for the homeless will cost US$2M and will be located at Onverwagt Region 5.YesterdayCheap NFL Jerseys China Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon said that Minister of Public

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    Nowadays there are well known brothels and particular areas where persons can go to conduct their ‘business’.There are very obvious signs of prostitution in and around Guyana in places like Essequibo and Berbice usually with the common knowledge and oftentimes in the plain view of the police and

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    The Cleveland Browns are keeping some dubious company though they aren‘t as hapless as the 1983 and ‘84 Houston Oilers.Those Oilers finished 1983 at 2-14 then went 3-13 the next year.Next up — make that down — the ladder are the 0-12 squads Tampa Bay in 1977 and Detroit in 2001. The Bucs wound up

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    Aaron Donald also had a big game with three sacks. He‘s among the league leaders with 11 on the seasonWholesale China NFL Jerseys two more than last season when he was the NFL‘s Defensive Rookie of the Year."I feel like I‘ve gotten better

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    "I think they know they‘re going to get someone who will show up every dayCheap Jerseys Wholesale fight really hardChina NBA Jerseys" Sowell said. "For the most part I‘ve been cons

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    An Enterprise East Coast Demerara cattle farmer got the shock of his life when his heifer delivered a two headed calf yesterday.Many residents from the Enterprise and surrounding communities flocked the home of cattle farmer Rajesh Totaram to get a glimpse of the strange calf which unfortunately wa

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